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sera. To obviate this difficulty, Izar proposes to add to the series of serum

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of pleocytosis, a moderate reduction in globulin, and as far as could be

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syphilis make their appearance. Among 50 cases which have come under

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present. In chickens, ducks, and magpies, I removed the lobes

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painters, has been thought, and 1 believe with good reason, to

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is held that the amount of sugar in the urine bears relation not to the

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and longitudinally incised, whereupon the mass was found to be a hard,

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afterward face some object or idea belonging to that experience

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acini. These factors must all be considered in estimating the

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ment, makes the clinical problem one of great difficulty, dishearten-

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miliary tubercles. To be sure, without the recent new appliances

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after this procedure, while general anaesthesia for operative measures is

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tember 13 to 18 he took 3 grams of benzol daily and from that

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Pfaundler, Janecke, and Walter in Germany ; Progulski and Grbbel in

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rupture into the lower lobe of the left lung and the left pleural cavity. Report

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influenza bacillus antigen. Brit. J/. J., 1921, i, 601.

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stant temperature. Whereas, in normal birds, the maximum twitch of the

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esophageal strictures that would seem to embody the maximum

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equivalents for amount, size, degree, etc., and the analytical data

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tion the glands are involved alone about four times more frequently

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for extraction we might have found traces, and we therefore cannot

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one niiinite, and then a gradual diminution occurred. In six and

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The author in continuing his previous methods of investigation (Medical

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Of the treatment of these cases there is little satisfaction in

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administered subcutaneously, such as tremor, throbbing of vessels, cardiac

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inonia. This was in the .service of Dr. F. II. Williams. A boy,

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In 61 cases observed clinically the symptoms were praecordial pain and

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20 per cent. In previous years the mortality in the old measles pavilion at

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with a severe pulmonary hemorrhage; he was also suffering from pains in

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inflammation of the substance of this organ, or of its mem-

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passes large quantities of urine each time. During the day he urinates

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up to 3000 c.c, and later dropped to 330 c.c. At the time of the second

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means of precipitation with ammonium sulphate; (2) those depend-