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So unostentatious, so genuinely unobtrusive. We are all
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the alloxan group. Feeding with nuclein or with thymus has been shown
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gas light seems less injurious as a light by which to read
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8. Bramwell — Trans. Ed. Med. Chir. Soc, 1902, vol. xxi. p. 118.
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literature bearing on it, I think that there are many points still requiring
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antness, and the nasty hit he gives to Dr. Fagge. An
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The operation of colporraphy is more frequently done. The dissec-
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and, also, that an attack of bronchitis does not usually exert any unfavor-
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setons for the cure of ganglia, as on two occasions he has seen the hand nearly
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be made very uncomfortable. Pathological condition of the in-
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The reply to this intelligent question was, that there should be some, because
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senun or urea which endangers life. Young children or those with
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one to two drachms, acetate of potash, thirty grains, three times a
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blood than in any of the tissues. It is an invariable law that organic
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The Corporation also acts as Affent in financial business of all kinds— Collecting of Rents,
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the amount of coast which the peninsula presents ; and which, commencing
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of one and the same parasite, which develops in the feces
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programs. While the traditional “Circuit Teaching
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arranges his own instrument table, as well as the sterile sheets and
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The Eyes. — Errors of refraction are exceedingly common, and if not
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of the left side was noticed, with marked drooping of the eyelid; there was
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of that malady. One certainly cannot imagine that these are due to " dis-
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Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Scientific
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tion. It is true that our laws recognize a difference between
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parents' account, he had a bad afiection of the chest two
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In some of its combinations it is employed as a deodorizer and
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owing to short terms and irregularity of attendance of the pupils.
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success of any corporation depends on its capable and trustworthy class of alienists,
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Kivers households, all presumably liable to invasion by the disease, four-
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limits it is exceedingly good. The advice given is sound and
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been referred mainly to paralysis of the blood-vessels of the brain and spinal oord,
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able to the heart, and in persons who suppose themselves to be in perfect
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wall. The pressure of the cranial contents against the skull wall is
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of thunder is well understood to be the sudden expansion
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tating the foot and hand. This I suppose no prudent man would have
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can be driven into the vertebral canal. If a second trephine hole be
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which may behave very differently from guinea-pig serum when shaken,
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life. 1 o me, they seem too exclusively focused on episodes
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a room below the tirst floor, opening directly upon
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the intestines, for the food may then be driven towards the openings,
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tooth, with a little mass of glandular structure, which reposed in
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tions. The bacilli are abundant in the blood. Guinea-pigs resist
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possesses certain inhibitory and even curative properties,
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continued, was 2340 grams, a loss of 410 grams, or nearly 15 per