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That able and indefatigable public Medical Officer, Dr. Liddle,
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haemorrhage are very rare as causes. Some cases have been recorded in
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Maternity Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children,
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tients. — Some observations have been made on this
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is to control the inferior modes of energy by operating down-
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regulated by such legislation as will afford that protection
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meat fed. This fact we have indeed demonstrated in another way.
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and cold for any length of time, are common examples of the methods by
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telei)hone, to hear the sounds of the chest, distinctly,
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nutrient enema. Signs of emotion such as fear, distress
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was implanted somewhere in the subcutaneous tissues, then it
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large, very dark coloured tumour was found behind the descending
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pression when the medical department of the Berlin University was again sum-
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reference to the effect of this agent as a preventive of sea-
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Charing-cross Hospital Medical College. 2ndly. As occa-
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leprosy will be fully illustrated in the lantern slides pres-
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who intend to qualify both under the Medical and Dentists Act, and
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tions: (1) gout and rheumatism; (2) fever; (3) leukemia and pernicious anemia;
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driven into the attic or antrum. En passant, this advice is
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number of reliable and intelligent persons. In the same peri-
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health occurred less frequently (Utopia, Limited)-.
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cure in one of them, and in the other the disease being