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usually significant of a severe infection. If it were not for these

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tion was found and removed, and in fourteen days, there

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half inches of the left anterior superior spine of the ileum. The right lobe

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one. To say that one case well studied is worth twenty

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prive sufferers of the relief which, even allowing for

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experience with the cold-bath treatment of typhoid fever.

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the urine, or a cryoscopic examination of the blood,

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the whole hypothesis of hysteria. He thinks the thewj

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in sufficient quantity to cause more than a primary coagulation.

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500 grammes ; gentiance rad. ftulv. ; calami rhizomat fiulv. ad

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2. The very common association of albuminuria with the

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place except by contact with some substance already m a state of combus-

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FIG. 166. Relaxation of the serratus magnus ana some Bores of the

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slowly consumed it alters the tissues. Locally applied conicine

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to gastroduodenal catarrh. Since the distribution of inflammation often

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duties. The Edinburgh College of Physicians, therefore, in these

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tnany cases, in order to judge of their usefulness and to arrive

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ing the. history of a case of carcinoma affecting the

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arithmetical mean of the daily maximal and minimal temperatures

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death might quickly follow, than to draw a few ounces of blood,

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others failed to obtain his results. To this latter group belongs

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Mat 12th, 1827, I was called to see Clinus Freeman, aged 40 years ;

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many of them stellate, are seen on the surface of the skin —

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however, of no great importance, and the air is soon absorbed.

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middens, which are unspeakably and abominably neglected.

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tubercles, in which the constitutional symptoms, fever,

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cate as the ordinary test for hyperphoria (/. e., the produc-

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constituents. The formation of calculi or concretions is determined

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