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ham, Suney; Rowland Ev-ins Daniel, Lampetfr; Ch-arles James Worts,
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four, two daughters of eighteen, and sixteen, respectively,
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This becomes more imperative when the head of the fibula
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the early occurrence of bladder troubles is an indication that the duration
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pictorially portrays the two faces of the problem. First, it
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cational and medical commissions of the empire, inform-
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it recognizes the fact that the safeguard of the cell, sub-
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Trypanosomes have been observed by Simond ««»#.)
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the native Christian and Eurasian population as a whole (though
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normal; but petechias may be seen on the epicardium ; while the
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gangiiuns arunciiiy suppiicu vviu* uiuuu-ycac>cia, uw..*. .*. ^w*.-
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(may we say that the half Trench half Latin words extern
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overladen), it invariably lies down (turning its look to'ard heaven) ; large
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The above symptoms render the existence of pyloric oonstriction
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Ih^ stated that cases may be present in which the spleen,
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extremely rare. The union of these diseases is not of frequent occurrence
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man is shown bv their apparent, if not gentleman remmded his opponent that he
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11th. — Crushed again to-day ; much A ^r/i came away. Tho
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letnrn you the warm, unfeigned thanks of a grateful heart. Relying upon your par-
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atypical disorganized mucous membrane are found, but in cases of
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uninterrupted return to health ; and on Sunday, June
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rous; in other words, the soil is exhausted, and production of food
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tion of albuminoid matters, attended by a change of colour to a reddish-brown
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may be administered wdth satisfactory results, but it should be given
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larger percentage for any special group of cases would be pre-
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limb acquire either extension or flexion. Now the faculty of extension will be more
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dose that will accomplish the purpose, even then I am
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eosiii s])0('iin('iis. Sections from the (•()jf('x of the hiain fixed
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become obstructed by the disease, and to appear like cords, which pro-
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this there is not the slightest doubt that the best remedy is per-
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both of the bones of the log must have been fractured. On examina-
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prominent symptoms in cirrhosis than in cancer ; the inability to take more
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