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The wave course of the fever, with afebrile intervals and increasing

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ventricular node and associated structures have been so fully described

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slowing, and organic depression of the central nervous

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Since this case he had had quite a number of other cases

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Death does not necessarily ensue immediately after the symptoms of

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of hypercemia, or engorgement ; the stage of exudation (red hepatiza-

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individuals, and peihaps societies, and of supeiin-

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tion of the cervical sympathetic nerves. I apprehend that these

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to the age of the child, It is understood, of course, that these

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examination has proved the mineral character of the minute fragments

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to be so low, with the exception of pernicious anemia. Osier mentions

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(Fig. 8). The sutures are applied circularly about the intestine

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would have been less perfect, and not so well vouclicd."

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the disease was not known. The bulging of the eyes, sweating,

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Maps: (Only if plan includes reference to location by map coordi-

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sufficient detail to serve us for purposes of study. In

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land — are, as a rule, most insanitary. Cleanliness and ventilation are even more

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paired function on the part of the vagus nerve or its presiding gan-

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some specific virus, spread abroad imder a condition of

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lids. At the worst, even if the transplanted skin should not live, the

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that it can have pathogenic significance. In these cases there are moderately-

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5. Optic Neuritis as a Complication of Diseases of the Nerv-

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poverty imposes on them a meagre diet, but even in such the

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The tumor above the muscular coat measures 4 to 5 mm. in thickness; its edges are

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without eclipsing them. At the same time, these descriptions

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It is not even necessary that this ■ immunization

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seem to be diminished in severity and frequency. On

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lect of all education, has been attended, in towns particular*

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may be developed by intermarriage. This was the case in the

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not help these eccentricities when suddenly she fell to the ground, was