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* That is to say, the temperament has been so named from ob-
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Tendons slip out of place sometimes ; slip off from
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bandage the feet and legs with flannel for the night.
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If fresh blood is to be examined, the patient's ear is carefully cleaned
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Case VI. — M. B., primipara, aged twenty-seven, delivery
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patient in Grei&wald, who complained of the symptoms of chronio
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Cases of Placenta Prcsvia are reported where no hemorrhage
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erythema, and not a punctate eruption. At first the tonsillitis is uni-
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I regret much that before building your pavilion in con-
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on medical subjects are activities which made him known to the
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the present case, that this increase in the leukocytes occurs much
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Sterling, or any other "steam doctor," is a quack ? In order that our
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. '*''»^ iji 'iir^L i.. tiu' solutions employed. My colleague,
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condition and function of the red blood corpuscle as the
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the head. She expressed it "as if the crown was raised up, and came
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cent because of a "liberal furlough policy." (Memo,
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face becomes flushed and turgid ; the eyes suffused,
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the molecular concentration of a fluid, this method of examination has been applied
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the subject is seated with his head leaning back against the
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tinct breeds of cattle now exist, or formerly existed, at the
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several hours, and end with retching ; the sago-like expectoration follows
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of Northern India, A Protozoal Infection, Brit. Med. Jour., 1909, ii, 647); by
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of treatment came to be ratified and confirmed by a course
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the medical colleges, which are plentiful in this State. These
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