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made the experiment to give an emetic to a hypnotized person,

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Malaria icithout Fever. — In some patients all the conditions de-

nuvaring 0.120 mg/0.015 mg/24 ra

pt. 2, 75-80.— Tseidler (G. F.) O .slucliaye piemii poslie

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and exacerbations similar to the pain of nervous origin, when it is cus-

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will have to be tapped repeatedly, and will never recover, is, of course, without

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the supraclavicular and infraclavicular regions, is normal, but from the second rib, in the

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3.30 AM. — Respirator removed ; in a short time patient

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contended that the characteristics of typhoid fever, as contrasted with those

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In doing the operation, two slightly curved incisions were made,

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blood is forced toward the inactive apex, and this strong-

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Whenever the pulse fails, more fluid ought to be thrown in, to produce

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sides in 24-8 per cent; patellar reflexes increased in .19*2 per cent; sustained

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long thought that the accepted increase of cancer in England in recent

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■ delle cause, degli eti'etti e della cura della stanchezza degli

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did not visit her, but gave some medicine which you con-

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*Wien. klin. Wochrn., 1899, 2.51. f Lancet, 1901. i. .315.

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Larynx seems dry and irritated, and the child makes per-

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the leather splint, which was resorted to many years before any thing was

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granted by Bureau telegram of August 13, 1903, revoked— August 20,

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important also for him to live wholesomely, to avoid gastro-inteetinil

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with safety. Yet it ouglit not to be cut too far neither, lest a collection of pus

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receiving nervous filaments from the external plantar and

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Only four members of the faculty have a vote in the

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(5) If the animal survives the exposures, a regeneration

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ally associated with intestinal hemorrhage but are present and intense

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herd and fed a mixed ration. The aim is to supply them with muscle-forming

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it ; v/ith Supplement. By Don A. Hernandez y Guasco. Pamphlet.

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Treatment. — The general rules for the treatment of malignant

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is not so in chronic abscesses. Many abscesses do not form pus at all until

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stimulation, but he reacts only by muscular contraction

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ordinary application, pives no note of this difference; the wind