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part of the nerve-centre, and the functions of tlie peripheral portion of the

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Sixth Cervical. The sixth cervical vertebra is especial-

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and later, perhaps, of pale, copious, and frothy stools.

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see the retina, and if by death there were an image

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sinner from the saint? as all claim equal virtue. Then if this

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properly done very little water reaches the blanket on which the patient lies.

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described, how these methods could be altered with any possible

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cure was from secondary obstruction of the cystic duct, pre-

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cases, however, by careful palpation one can feel an enlarged and tender

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materially lessen the sufierings of the patient. It is rare that chloro-

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similar tenor, could soon be made a law. It is equally

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1982 (Table 3). 2 In New Mexico, mortality rates for acute

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suffered, begging and pleading to those around him for relief from the horrible

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moved ; but in the early stage we cannot tell what the

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into it a code that no honest man can refuse to accept. And there are

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that a superior council should be formed for the purpose

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meet with failure for that segment of the population. The

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professional brother, or of his conduct, is almost always

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occur in persons who develop the disease after the fortieth year, and in

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tive treatment. The physician can certainly do much to

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" In February, 1863, Langenbeck in Berlin was operating upon a swel-

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with the elements of the neoplasm, which extend into the surrounding

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appear to establish conclusively the fact that bacteria in certain diseases

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(3) Diagrams she a- ing (a) sphenoidal sinus-exploring cannula in situ;

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which the emulsion was .composed of a uniform and apparently even

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