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severe paroxysms of asthma. I have been surprised at the circum-

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62 of these cases constriction of the common bile duct was due to car-

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branched filaments (hyphce), which form a felt-work (mycelium)

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Amer. Ophth. Trans. 1886. 18. BYERS. Comptes rendus du congres international de

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value of primary vaccination, make no recommendation as to legis-

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greenish-brown, grumous fluid in the peritoneal cavity. On opening the foetal

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cations of the hip joint, when the bone has been once reduced, it remains

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of albuminous matter and cells. These together, i. e., the entire

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liam Pepper, of Philadelphia, delivered the Middleton

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For cars equipped with exhaust ventilators the general averages of

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and secondly, the high temperature during the persistence of which

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him with vanity or filled him with ideas of his own importance.

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few or no pallida (Proca and Giemsa staining). Silver impregnation showed

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New York, now in Convention, in view of the import-

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ity. But he will never accomplish this by folding his

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posterior superior angle of the left scapula I obtained ;

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differential leucocyte counts were made before and after the sei/Aires. In

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appear to establish conclusively the fact that bacteria in certain diseases

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an adequate memorial to a man of such eminence as Professor

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pressed their thorough approval of it. The man was able

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deliberation, we determined to give her the chances of an operation, and accord-

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are prone to be fatal. The improvement obtained is due to two causes :

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the impression that the pulse is due mainly to an expansion of the artery.

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with Mr. Whitelaw Reid, and, after formally presenting

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8. Arterial thrombosis is due in a large number of cases to simple stag-

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approached in a similar manner by a man who was recently graduated

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troublesome alternative of acute conjunctivitis. The complaint

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1. The organs of respiration comprise the larynx, trachea, bronchial

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free from dust, at a temperature not exceeding 60°

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pain ordinary anodyne remedies, locally applied, fail

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or pass under, those of the second — a deformity, in fact, amounting to all but

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