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The first effect noticed was that which the out-patients

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be hitched far enough ahead in the cart so that he cannot kick

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pleura, and still suffered much from short breath, cough, and

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The work is divided into Lessons, and is arranged in

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From its bland, unirritating properties, as well as

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instrumental dexterity. It may be said without displaying

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recovered, paralysis occurred 101 times — 23.76%. In 497 cases of

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so far as could be ascertained by chemical and micro-

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commonly the smell was of that kind described as a mixture of

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But on the other hand endoscopy can be of very great use

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6. Preventive medicine and health improvement . —

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THE Kidney Following Partial Ureteral Obstruction. N. M. Keith,

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nambulism, which created so great an interest a few years ago.

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with, but not altogether abolished. Conclusion. — Afferent

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disease has led to anchylosis of various joints, with great distortion of

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aspects of the limbs, especially about the elbows and knees, and the

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five years. He had been active and healthy until the present

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State of Xew York, made to the Legislature February 27th, 1851. Albany,

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given. During this time the patient was very appre-

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symptoms be urgent, of which there is little proba-

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Laycock, M. D., F. R. C. S. E. ; Professor of the Practice of

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m Mesopotamia; another area about the Himalayas— i.e., Kumaon

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molecular arrangement ; that molecular arrangement and disarrangement

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required, a large simple enema may suffice ; if not, a mild saline purgative

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it was committed, (ii.) The insanity, its character and history ; whether

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Inemorrhagic and the thin sero-purulent may be called

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metabolism, but what relation this glucose actually bears to the nitrogen

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costochondritis nsaid dose

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officers, 249 wounded, 75 killed, and 3 missing ; soldiers,

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ten inches long, not coiled round the neck, and offering no impe-

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the extract of the bean. At 1.20 the pupil \as contracted