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may be produced not merely by plucking at the hairs with the fingers
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respiratory rhythm, and may produce irregular and periodic breathing
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cies are doubtless largely determined by the impress of race and family.
tween the oxygen of the atmosphere and the organic elements of their bodies,
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human ascitic fluid of a pa of from 7.8 to 8.0 but not of greater alkalinity. The
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all stimulants he would place oxygen. Anstie's investi-
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real practical value to neurotherapy. To be brief, I
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pp. 167-68: 1939 (1940), p. 253; 1940 (1941), p. 265.
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bolic disorders certainly has its attractions. In the treatment
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7. In cases of emergency they may increase the tax levy above the
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of cattle was dealt with. The investigators found that this disease
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we have already seen that the anatomical facts are more in favour of a
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and agraphias more exhaustively considered than in the earlier edition. P. Marie's
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readily obtained by careful soaking with glycerine, by
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sion include the age of onset (the younger age has a higher
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cardiac asthma, chronic interstitial nephritis, anginal seizures, and
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52. TrionaL — Hart reports a 'case of trional poisoning in
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application of powders by a s()00U instead ot the usual
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hilus it slipped back into the pelvis of the kidney,
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and back, reflex motions of the abdominal muscles, etc. It is these
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rosive sublimate in an aqueous solution, is to extract it with ether. Xow, we