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Wallace, Stalf-Assistant-Surgeon J., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon
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of erythrocytes occurs during the first paroxysms, and that after a
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the coroner to inquire into other probable causes of death
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ways an alarming sign as regards the child ; if the liquid is
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plants keep: Theophrastus, Historia Plantarum, IX, 14. 1, says that
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tality of eight. Smallpox has broken out at the Topeka Insane
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4Strong children, cold applied to the neck over the larynx and windpipe, is
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raw meat-juice more than offset its advantages, [a.g.e.]
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Timothy Childs, M. D., Professor of Descriptive and Comparative Anatomy.
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ing of value was found, except that some of his mother's
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gives or ought to give to either a silver, a steel, or a gum elastic ca-
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illusions of the sense of hearing, a fiery eye, and incessant mental
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plete anurie. This urine greasy belong only to the yellow
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' different classes bid fair to exceed in size those of
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elements were present in numbers in the nerve-sheath, but the fibres appeared
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explorers in this field was Peysilhe, who, in 1773, introduced
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164 cases, and from 1916 to 1918 198 cases. The proportion
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leave of absence, and is assigned to duty at Fort Ring-
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orders in large centres of business — the police of Boston declaring
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mation almost always terminates, sooner or later, in recovery,
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tions of the typanum are subject to giddi- to the improvement in the sympathetic
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to Tennessee he lived eleven weeks with his wife and baby in rooms upstairs
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technic and operation which are as yet open questions.
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O.M. Arnott, Henry, The Rectory, 32, High Street, Beckenham, Kent,
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flrufSlion of this kind, this phenomenon never could take place j
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to have any local treatment. As she got older the monthly
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and there were present, E. Berney, Esq., G. Bottom-
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In the summer of 1850, during which dysentery prevailed to a great extent
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ance, and can hardly be distinguished from the adjacent fatty and con-
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within 10 per cent, of the normal. As was seen to be the case with the
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expected, it is due to the use of too much of the fluid.
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of hysteria should be begun before birth. Neurotic women bearing children
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pelvis and remains so; but after six or eight weeks
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George E. Miller, Ph.D., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine (Materia Medica and
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a complaint, and was as really attended by the physician as