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7. The Purification of Water Supplies by Slow Sand Filtration (Con-
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operation, wliich afforded some relief to pain. The pieces removed
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On the 9th inst., was called on by the family physician to visit a male
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being but imperfectly clothed and badly protected in their sleeping
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every structure of the body and directly diminish the sensibility
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Dr Potter in this handbook includes the physiological action
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of periodicity, for there is no reaction, no intermission,
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In a paper presented to this Society one year ago I drew your atten-
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sician whom he consulted as a hard chancre. Soon after
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waves are thus carrying forward these small measures of
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Urobilin was present in the urine and was added to the amount
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clinical picture which it produces is well known to all
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curves, but on several occasions small knuckles have required
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do not now, they may soon regret Xf the opinion here offered, should
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features, and in the further progress of the disease the
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Much might be said about the new views of zoological relations, the
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That is why early in the Great War there was such a
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vision is made for the transference of communicable diseases
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Spartein and caffein I often find occasion for using for a
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varying in its consistency according to the strength of the sub-
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est known organism, will settle any restless feeling of a
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could in the matter, for not satisfied wiih urging the claim
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lation is by no means confined to nervous diseases. It is
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others are born thieves, and there are children born every
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.\ niipstion nf medical ethics, H. P. Greeley. M.D.. 70;