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case in which there was a fair chance of the operation of excision

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striated forms of muscular tissue is from the molecular coales-

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We are, therefore, at the l)e(lsi(le thrown back on the l)actcrioloKic

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should be given at night, followed the next morning by a table-

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the dissemination of information regarding compulsory

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two so extensively and so favorably known as " Jones and Morrow's

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reported by R. McDowell' illustrates a type most difficult to

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special remark, did I not feel constrained to advert to the neglect

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were patients who were operated on account of symptoms of pyelitis

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tensive adliesions then required separation, a little

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menced — namely, open, mild, and with frequent high

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resulted negatively. As a check and control, the placentae in the

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evidence in proof that it must have been so. In the twenty-first

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A sow with a litter of 5 pigs was in the same lot with the grain-fed

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even as much as 5° should not cause concern provided that he has

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olein content of the fat was greatest in the "finished " pigs, the animals

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tendency to deliquescence, and in order to present the preparation in a powdered and portable form. It is well known

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of color in the animal. For example, the black pigmented

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lations which are so much indulged in, constituting indeed, the

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The sections devoted to the surgical anatomy of and localization of

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than accidental, and consequently we may be led to discover relations

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cation that is to distinguish the surgical kidney from acute Bright 's disease.

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extra- and an intracellular reaction. E. A. Locke and R.

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52. Brechot C, Pourcel C, Louise A, et al: Presence of integrated hepatitis B

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and in another of my pupils the change from Caius College to a house in

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epileptic career and that many other epileptics with

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they completely mask it. I have known bronchitis so severe as to divert

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reniember to have seen mentioned in any article on dis-

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Sterling, or any other "steam doctor," is a quack ? In order that our

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in the house. In Walsall, at the weekly meeting of the

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