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No alteration or amendment of the by-laws, nor any addition thereto shall be made except by majority vote of the board of managers at a meeting of said board, nor unless a written notice of an intention to propose such alteration, amendment or addition at a meeting of such board to be held at a time and place mentioned in such notice has been served personally upon each member of said board at least three dosering days prior to the time mentioned in such notice for the holding of such meeting. An apparatus devised by Crequy, consisting of a wire mask covered with wide-meshed cloth and an upright bar to which are attached a handle and clamp for holding an acorn-shaped bottle graduated in c (over). Side - hunter was, I believe, that of the technique of vaginal total extirpation of the cancerous uterus. They are brothers, and one has cataracts that are ready price for operation. He thought Janet's theory, that the permanganate of potassium injection caused an anaemia and prevented a good culture medium for the gonococcus, was can the right one. They were very early allowed arrow root, and milk, and "pressure" chicken broth; in other words, were well fed, but the food was liquid food, and on this kind of diet they were kept until decidedly convalescent. Ascending in the scale, we find not only that the sexual appetite is aroused with something like periodicity, but that it is accompanied with more or less discharge from the generative is passages, in which the sanguineous elements increase the higher we advance in the scale.