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was 0.2° C. above the highest temperature recorded the day before. The

mucinex dm 600 mg guaifenesin 30 mg dextromethorphan high

acute form we find the pia mater injected, swollen, and relaxed. In

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Observations with Sour Milk Feeding," C. K. Johnson,

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grene. He calls attention to the ease with which drugs can be

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gestion, tumefaction, and copious discharge from the nostrils, attended

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December 9th: Patient developed la grippe, treatment was discon-

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or 20 grains of the acid to the ounce, changed every five or ten

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dent that I saved one doctor's life by the narcotizing

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this instance, as will be reported in a later paper, by palpation of

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Leforge, Walker Lister W. J. & C. Chennowith . .Illinois.

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Orthopedic Hospital . . .$19.00 per day plus ancillary costs

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The dose of these preparations is ten drops three times

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logic rhythmic stimulations. In addition we must accept as proved (again according

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These values vary also with rest or work. Thus, factories or work-

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thelioma of the chorion more correct than malignant decid-

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ARNOLD &. SONS, 35 and 86 West Smitbfield, E.G.

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drops are to be taken daily; and the dose is to be increased one drop

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Erected originally for use as a private asylum, and conducted

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A few words will embrace all that is to be said with reference to treat-

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Tiirk, p. 795 et seq.) we may, to a limited extent, make a differential count in the

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the causes which lead to the disease. If fift;^ per cent, of alt the cases of

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during thirty days, after which he resorted to cataplasms of the juice

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LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS— Gilchrist. (Report of Amer. Dermatolog. Soc.

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rales with respiration occur, especially during sleep. The breath in some

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