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ness of thought and action, gradually getting worse. Feels

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and respectable testimony. Dusterbery reports that all who were placed

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In accordance with the suggestion in the President's address, the

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detachment of recruits to the Department of the Columbia,

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of the body. Wherever there is a nerve there may be pain. In almost every

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dorsal vertebrae, where the adjacent bones were eroded. The paralysis disap-

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The total number of cases of vesico-vaginal fistula

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continuous with similar substance in the right half of the pelvis. The

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Connecticut Association of Advocates for Child Psychi-

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Papers were subsequently read by Dr Tuke on the " Cottage

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presented identical symptoms. Again I was puzzled. She had much

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education, the College desires to draw the attention of

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science would be satisfied if the Coroner had larger power to

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born three years after the patient and presented some evidence

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the arteries. The muscular tissue is greatest in amount in the

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good set of teeth, we can wire across with a silver

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applied wholly to the anterior half of the radial articular surface. In flexion of

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from a half to three-fourths of a mile in length up the river —