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t Trans, of a Society lor promoting Medical and Surgical Knowledge, vol. hi.
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4. The theory is defective, also, in that it has not been
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change affects only certain muscular fibres, not the whole musv^le unifoi-mly.
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be out, and says he is almost entirely free from pain.
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physiology of the peritoneum is given a mass of details concern-
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|New York Medical Record t'<»r Augtist 15, 1863 ; Cohen ou Iii-
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be stretched, the folds of the scrotal skin will be more
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smallpox, and disinfection, much sound instruction is imparted,
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that it is perfectly free from starch. It does not re-
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the case in this instance. If this was indeed a cancer, the point of
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were numerous small extravasations of blood. Both ventricles were