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T. It is difficult to understand how external causes giving rise to fevers

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Marseille, de la Societe des Sciences Medicales et Natu-

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removed. On the night after their removal there wtis a violent thunder-

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is usually a prominent symptom. The pain is frequently limited to a cir-

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peutical measures have proved unavailing. Were the pathology of the

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patients to hospitals. The disease is generally supposed to be commu-

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quickly and progressing to desiccation more rapidl}^, b}^ their swollen

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in a state of intoxication. It appears in some cases to be caused b}' ex-

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form the brachial plexus, or the whole of the cord below this point must

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glosso-pharyngeal nerve in the same animal; and this particular

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Treatment of Typhus and Typlioid Fever. Relapsing Fever— Anatomical Characters— Clinical

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to enlarge our knowledge of disease by improved methods of dingnosis, nnd so many new agen-

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simple or mild variet}-, the disease ends in convalescence directly after the

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feet and hands are paralyzed ; the patient is affected with dropping at the

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root is separated from the cells and sensory fibers by a connec-

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ralgic and other affections supposed to arise from the constitutional morbid

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of the past, and up to the time of his death the author labored as.*iduously to incorporate every-

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giving rise to dyspnoea, and involving danger from inability to carry on

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efectos sobre el reflejo; cuando es rdpida se obtiene un aumento,

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must communicate in some way with the trunk of the aorta.

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to periodical fevers, and, hence, the phenomena of the latter may be asso-

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A much smaller ganghon (gn',) is present caudally, on the main

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in the cell circumference and in the 'axone cap/ In figure 7,

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As an antithesis to the " large white kidney," it haf^ been called the " red

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and take to the bed, complaining of ill health, prostration, and various

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of Mindererus are to be given in almost every case.

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sections have been made after the very recent occurrence of

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distinct head. This disease may be prevented by a diet embracing the

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Such positional changes have been interpreted as of use in

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In this work nothing has been found other than in support of

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however, of wine depends on the dose in which we give it, and

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been made in the il.ustrations. One hundred and tifty

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I have witnessed, as I think, the good effect of the iodide of potassium

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cies is due to Messrs. Templeton and Taylor. There are a great

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acterizec". by hemorrhage from mucous membrane and petechias or vibices