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sufficient deterrent to stop the quest of the addict

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self in any position, and to rise up and sit in bed. The bowels are now

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33. Askey, J. M.: J.A.M.A. 146: 1008 (July 14) 1951.

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able to live- with much more comfort than before the operation.

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tion of the OS, preserving the strength of the mother by the

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Pearl street, New York, a number of valuable medical works,

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ment for 1856-.'>7,'* exhibiting a total of 8,597; the number in

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corresponded with on the case by Dr. Johnston. Four months having

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Medicine” was given by Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Williams,

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ation on pressure suggestive of a large, single cyst.

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delusions, generally of a hypochondriacal kind, to which the patient may

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consequent upon simple ulceration, is the splenic artery, a large vessel

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in the uterus, I occasionally use, I think with great advantage, injections

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evacuated at the commencement of the fever, I disapprove of

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rtioDs which are most frequently intended to be calmative ;

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felt. I have been told that the representations of the Association had

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circumdtances. I have sat by their bed-side aa the day time,

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November 8, 1954, in Baltimore at the age of fifty.

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treated by electrocoagulation, applied from the bladder

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