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last fiscal year totaled $1,200,000. Total budget for
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for that is tlje genius of our free institutions ; then the people
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only so far as to occasion the loss of a systole more or less often, but we may con-
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That it should be so considered, however, would be deemed an ab-
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Then you find the only difficulty of the operation, and
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Beebe, D. G.. assistant surgeon, detached from the " Bennington,"
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In the recent affections of young subjects, when blood-letting is
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that they can know unless we instruct them. I will admit that the
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think it should be called Enteric, as it com- or a dose of any other medicine,
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1887, II. F., xlvi, 132; 375: xlvii, 326: 1888, xlviii, 147; 165:
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In almost all cases, a marked benefit has followed the employment of
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prevalent in the poorer districts, in the overcrowded and badly
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the trigeminus plays the part of sensory roots for most of the
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Carpenter, (Report from Schuylkill Co.) and Dr. F. B. Poley, (Report
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Unger, MD, in the December 1988 issue. 1 It occurs on page
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and fixed the uterus to the abdominal wall, after the
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Even in these trying cases, the mortality from the effects of
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x-rays^^ daily or every other day until the total number of lympho-
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very little confidence in any drug except ergot in the
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conditions seldom followed concussion of the spinal
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erate it as a necessary evil, and a third party may see in
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nearly the whole of the 1^ half of the abdomen — extending from the tibe