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object in view, arduous physical labour or exercise must be given up. This
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edy, but the important thing was to get the cases under
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tically the normal negative tension may be applied to the col-
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curred, makes it necessary to be very guarded to prevent a conse-
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the onset of the attack if possible. My reasons for saying
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as possible and quilted by a continuous catgut suture.
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watering place in England, made an excellent contribution
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the paralysed part of the muscle, and the patient is still able to draw the
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sufficiently taken into consideration, that the blood itself is dependent for its
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3. The arrival of cholera in other countries is often involved
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ever appearing as an epidemic ; otherwise, the cause being a ge-
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,...,. , Tj 1 c,, H^ Wn) ^ re ence of a chronic constipation due to ap-
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because each new step in thought reconciles many apparently discordant
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Jo.ss of motion of these parts. The accident or disease occasion-
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Hospitals for contagious diseases in this country and abroad, have
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thing about the case." A day was appointed for an examination,
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Reed, Caroll, and Agramante have attributed yellow fever to a microbe
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— Dr. Howard Reynolds gives the details of a case of suppres-
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1. On Some Important Points Regarding Perfection of
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and grandeur of the nation's metropolis ; but I must give
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and transferred to Permanent Fund account, . . . 30.00
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of its position. In putting up these congenitally luxated hips in
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Isthmus two years, was admitted to Aneon Hospital, Jan. 9, 1909. The patient
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The results of correction of deformities and of dental irreg-
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portion has, in fact, been observed. Nay, the very reverse not
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recovered. Numerous recoveries in similar cases have been reported since tken.
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always begins in the antrum ; see diseases of antrum, article " Nose."
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cessarily tiresome ; and this might be easily avoided without detract-
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noninflammatory although closely resembling in appear-
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j.art on Avhich the corrosive liquid was applied, leaving a suppurating and