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however, the character of a horizontal flat slit. If the dilatability of the

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that such inadequate measures as Wilde's incision, Leiter's

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lower limbs discovei-s practically no difference, the

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association to which attention has been especially called

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Klaatsch thus briefly summarizes the descriptions of the medical

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first city to undertake it in 1894, New York in 1897, and from these

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duct, in which event the obstruction is rarely complete; that is, some

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quent form of therapy. It is important to realize that

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about eighteen minutes anzesthesia had been induced.

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I find that the average patron has a very correct idea of the

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and covered with a graft of omentum. For eight days

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when squeezed to dislodge the cores would reach high up the

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of the gall-bladder and refilling it with a carmine sus])ension (10 cc)

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123. Roast Haunch of Venison — Ingredients— Butter, salt, flour

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ism in tabes for a time ; and, instead of letting the current act on the

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the substitution of beer and the lighter wines for the stronger

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apparently as strong as between the curing of lupus and

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has already been partly indicated in the section on

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less typically in dogs. He has also found that dogs may be spon-

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evident that the case was largely hysterical in its nature when

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that asylum, perhaps from dread of insanity, from painful

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action of other drugs; for instance, atropia, or homatropia, will dilate the pupil

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tration will often enable you to deal with the pains. Many drugs have been recom-

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on the maize theory of pellagra, has provided drying

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liable than females, not because of any differences incident to sex, but

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As regards the prodromata, which have lately received so

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that if the whole stomach be taken out and the lower ,

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of three days were decidedly against it. On the other

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TVheat, is the staple of the cooDty ; rye, oats, maize, and

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per, and then we immediately obtain two dinners and one slop, the

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287. Tomatoes (with Macaroni) (l).— Ingredients— Small

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connecting link toward the instrument ; the latter is soon embraced in its turn,