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connecting links between the primary spastic paraplegia and other forms
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hsemorrhagic pachymeningitis the symptoms are those of a slight chronic
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defective power and precision of voluntary movement. Each of these
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Treatment — With some practitioners, "the prime object of
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other palpable evidence of cancer for five or six years more ; in atrophic
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perature now was normal. The day after the operation
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right one was very sluggish under the action of light,
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ether, by means of Soxhlet's apparatus, until no more fat can be removed. This
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districts in India, Africa, and elsewhere that are prac-
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were greatly augmented ; indeed, up to this period she expe-
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eonmion sense of nine-tenths of the ge- apparent. We do not mean that it
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tudinally wrinkled pieces, 10 to 25 mm. or more in thickness ;
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The Specific and Non-specific Lesions Resulting from Syphilis,
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called for many years a Bonplandia j whereas it belongs, it now ap-
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jectionable, although many patients with catarrhal jaundice recover
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restful sleep, and, proportionately to the small amount of
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to misgivings, for great dilatation follows acute valvular inflam-
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pain, nausea, and vomiting had been quite intense for several days
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system, and to this we give the name of epidemic influence or
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Do9e (Internal) : Three globules in a teaspoonAil of water, repeated
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finger. The author wishes merely to record that in his opinion
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Stanolind Liquid Paraffin acts by Jubrication and by
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retained his bodily and mental vigor until the time of his death, which
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branes ; it affects the body, and it affects likewise the mind.'*
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coccidiosis, which gave rise to appearances very similar to adeno-
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the clinical history of these and some other diseases obtained by means of
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Of late it has become popular to try to bring about prompt
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advocated, will sometimes relieve symptoms temporarily. Just how this is
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views are entertained by the medical profession than this.
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tilage, and the lower lateral aspects of the thyroid cartilage. They
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ence Nightingale's labors in the East, and now its red cross,
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— indicates a macroscopic growth after 48 hours' incubation.
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Dr. T. H. Manley reported as delegate to the Inter-
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that those who find pleasure in torture, should never be permitted to
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demand the sacrifice of the limb. It is a fact that under the present
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Dupuvtren, as early as 1812, exsected a portion of the under jaw, and Dr.
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been made out in favour of the suggestion that diarrhoea had ever been known
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health aftbrd us no evidence of their existence), are probably due
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quently marked two dots on one picture : and one on the
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A note allegedly left by 16-year-old Jeffrey Howorth,
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as the latter are fairly attributable to functional disorder, the prognosis is, of