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In the interval which elapsed between the appearance of the publica-

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should he neglect certain little refinements of technic, which may

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of head ; action of heart very easily excited. Cured (?)

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tion, and in the end will work an injustice on the profession of

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the great conquerors in the field have been the patient, hard

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rheumatoid arthritis of the hands and feet; the right

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i. 1043). (1) Very small doses excite the sensibility and decrease motility ;

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The work is well presented, is iiighly practical and

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in the insane, even where low recuperative action might

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the atmosphere is thus purified by the process of oxidation.

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fit of vomiting shortly after we left the ward on the day before. Here

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stable yards," a condition of things so obviously perilous to

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for the purpose. If citadels be necessary, or likely to become

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of consciousness and paralysis of the right side, from which again recovery

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way, in which there is not only an occluding esoph-

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years in the pvu'suit of truth, is greatly on the increase. Of course,

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those cases in which the ulcer has had its origin in a patch of

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sane Hospital at Tuskaloosa. During the past four years, he

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Dr. Platfaik had found no difficulty in defibrinating the

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over time were evident for all age groups (Fig. 2). Propor-

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taxonomic values of the wing membranes and of the ter-

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mation rarely extends beyond a lobe, and may extend only over a portion

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containing the myeloid substance was probably the dilated and thickened

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featured crafts and creative arts, as well as adapted sports activities.

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the triumphs of science in this last quarter of the century, that

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ant upon its progress, which should happen did they differ but

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550 cases of uterine myoma.' Of these, 20*5 per cent, occurred in

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and the honorary degree of M.D. was conferred upon Manuel de

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ventricle with subsequent contraction on a large mass of blood. This

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