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September 7, after amputation of his leg for gangrene, aged

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methyl green, and hence with Ehrlich's triacid stain, the protoplasm

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administered in very sparing proportion. On the other hand,

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The most important thing that I wished to speak to was the

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progress, but, if assisted by appropriate remedies, will restore the patient

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to me to foreshadow some of the conditions that Dr. Cook

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any such malady is to be found in the Greek or Roman authors


that an active ulcer is present, as it represents the crater of the

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tain chemical agents which are the embodiment of the

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nearly all rachitic deformities of the extremities. For

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Tacoma and Dr. E. P. Penfield, of Spokane, have been appointed by the

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three fourths of an inch in diameter was extracted and no incontinence

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degree improbable that actinomycosis is either contagious or

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so, saying, " That little bottle there." On looking at it, Mr. Broadbent

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To remove opacity after inflammation has subsided, continue

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the forceps. But, thanks to such able obstetricians, we

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Four hundred and sixty-one deaths from smallpox occurred in Philadelphia

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visited the workhouse generally at least once a day,

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not doubt the possibility of the influence of maternal im-

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cases, even under the most orthodox treatment, will, by virtue

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Medical Investigator— New Sydenham Society's Atlas of Skin Diseases

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Three and a half inches below the head anteriorly, and slightly

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mothers, or women of childbearing potential. Animal data at five times: tr.

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minate in general sepsis and death. Supposing, however, that proper and

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within certain limits the numbers introduced play no great

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cians were duly apprised. Last week Mr. Feltzer. bookkeeper

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lower fragment up into contact with the obstinately

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conveying the result of an experienced physician's ob-