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Protociilorlde, or mercuric chloride (corrosive sublimate), HgCl,
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alteration in the blood. The swelling of mumps is not a catar-
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tions to the AFMC board of directors prior to appointment of
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its vital secreting action. Let us digress, at this point, to indicate some
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Dr. Moore is Associate Professor of Medicine, Section of Rheu-
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treatment] the laws of degeneration and regeneration in injured
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the forenoon — so taken up is it with school-thoughts —
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Pancreas. — No changes are noted in the pancreas.
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from all over China, and concluded that at least one
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The short duration of life is due to the fact that the lungs
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if it be both relaxed and in a thickened condition, the relaxation must
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at the periphery nor is a strong convex lens darker in the center.
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rubber band several times around it, thus shutting off the blood
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for the cough ; vision was normal ; had no pain ; felt
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put) with the insulting remark, that he (the judge) would not allow medical
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However imperfeet and uncertain, the knowledge of the older medical writers may
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and important local affections of influenza. To our previous state-
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Cutting [cover with printed title] from: M6m. Acad,
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as to the Causes and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear. Sixth Edition. 8vo. cloth, 6s.
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square). Place the slide and cover-slip on the stage of the dis-
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tion this is not so. As to the antiphthisin, it is only
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old doctor said very frankly: "Well, I am quite free
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patient and family contacts, we will continue to keep
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hands in 1 to 1000 sublimate for at least two minutes, and for the
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mistakable signs of pneumonia. This might be called a
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probably not equalled in any other infectious malady. Consecutive epi-
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succeeded by an abrupt relapse, ushered in with severe shivering,
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colchicum on the secretion of uric acid, and the oxalic diathesis ; borax, phos-
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Stomach — ablation, complete or partial, 962 ; atony of,
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species of crescent-bearing parasites are concerned in malignant infec-
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stimulating qualities. And when the stomach itself is affected
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