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extent sufficient at least to enable the youngest practitioner
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she made the bouse ring with her terrifying denunciations. The nurse
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transl. |Abstr.|: Inteinat. kliii. Uundscbaii, Wien, 1888,
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ment of these cases was so thoroughly settled as to admit of
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that narrated by A. Fraenkel at the Berlin Medical Society (^Berliner
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comfortable with the glasses ever since, her headaches and
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a tumult, charging her with witchcraft, and she was obliged
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so-called "myotonic reaction" to electricity. This consists in a state, more or
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tractility, sensibility, ami even the exercise of the mind, as only varieties
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not because they were pained. In the normally growing foetus, the
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will appear in September or October, and will deal with therapeutics (sec-
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green, shaggy, and moist plug, bathed in ichorous fluid, and of con-
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Then the Pandora's box of evils is open- degree of enlightenment to which the world
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inferior to the leaders of the present day. Our forefathers in
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of the Natural Science Tripos in 1870, taking also high honors
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sequela in question. "We have observed, also, timt when scarlatinal dropsy
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of the blood to some extent. If we are careful not to do too much
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The processes of repair in a part only went on when
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the lung, or into neighbouring organs or cavities. The rapid production
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tensis, and, although they showed no signs of fever or ill-health, an exami-
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succeeded in having all linen collars made at such a
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Teale's rectangular flap method. The patient recovered in a