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Auscultation. — When there are both air and liquid in the pleural
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lOh. 36m. Severe internal spasms ; effort to vomit.
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and will be continued in a distressing, and sometimes in an
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General Hospital held February 10, 189.S, the .Secre-
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directly touched by the weapon. Injuries of a serious description have thus
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its surrouudiugs as to make it possible to bring it into
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noticed that there was no diminution, rather an increase in the free and
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portions of the space around the bronchi, oesophagus, aorta, and
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1, 1964. In addition to the scientific program, there
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N.B. — Galvano-cautery to right side increased asthmatic spasm ;
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It is also held that r>t her (constituents of this preparation
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treatment" is useless. To be effectual the alkalies must be given sufficiently
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has, in a recent number of the Gesiind/icit, summarized
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ratus over the organs of locomotion, expression, sensation, the
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confluence of many follicles into one. At the same time the
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some other point than the head, often in a joint of one of the extremities,
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more chronic, and the loss of vision was only temporary. The author concluded
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concentrated caustic solution was introduced, by means of a syringe, into that part of the
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and there on section the same bodies as above described.
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nut." "But," I asked with youthful insistence, "why
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oater sorfEtce of the brain and cord, following all its inequalities. It is
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wall, or escape by their own inherent power of movement.
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I do not desire to discuss in exteiiso here the gen-
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I'ucci (A.) Sulie alterazioni troflclie dell' occhio cbe nei
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suprapubic drainage. This is rapidly performed under eucain, and he thinks
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took on the added evil of abscess formation. The first
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tival disease did not occur in long-protracted labors, but in
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