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A Manual of Operative Surgery. By John Fairbairn Binnie,
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the tuberculosis is cured. Send him back to the slums again and you
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Sir, — I have lately seen, in a newspaper, a list of about eighty physi-
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the laudable endeavour to leflen the mafs of human mifery, by calling
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man, strong and well nourished, who was attacked repeatedly by
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ferent organs and tissues of the body vve must look for the source of these
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spare the time to make the requisite number of calls at our
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ence Nightingale's labors in the East, and now its red cross,
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Properties. — A fat-like mass of about the consistence of
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mortality to a point below that of any former year ; the still more re-
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and since the clinical notes of these old "Arabian"
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purgative was left in both. At that time twenty-six ounces
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of the tubercles on the nose there was an increase in
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lyzed and Epileptic, Queen Square, the Moorfields Ophthalmic
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work brought hardly any accession of income. He was
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should he be denied the attribute of genius ? He wished
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the lower jaw and in the tongue suggest acromegalia, particularly
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London Lancet^ October 27th, has an article on this
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rated, balsam of Peru or other stimulating applications are used.
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bohydrate, .5 calories, protein 1.5 c:dories. fat .2
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from inanition, rapidly follows, in others the pancre-
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a number of weeks, but the pain returned so intense the boy could do
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of arterial tension in undoubted cases of uraemia are apparently due to the
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tolerated by another, the taste or after affects of eating same being
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treatment of the two great types of the disease, acute (sthenic),
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demolished in consequence of their waUs being impregnated with
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bronchi have been made visible. These appearances are greatly modified
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