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organ is firmly bound to the radix mesenterica, and is, therefore, fixed,

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escape notice, or there may be lesions present histologically which

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surface, as if from a sponge. The osseous tissue was elastic to

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mon, since adopting this practice he has not had a single

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practitioner is satisfied that anti-rabic treatment is essential for

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i\ refraction corrected, V. = 6- Ordered reading-lenses.

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burial or removal, and “a complete and satisfactory

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tion of the Universitv Education of Women, Florence R. Sabin,

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The carriage is to be in form like an ordinary long-bodied car-

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The patient should receive careful attention and after each movement

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glands, and in the psoas muscles, or other textures which have been

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proportions in both localities. In all four sections the male and

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the flesh of another anunal, the above-mentioned membiane is

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fluenza." I called this "the pneumonic form of influenza."

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automaton of no Association— the echo of no coterie. It is

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capacity and fair work for ordinary degrees, and reserve for

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preferably to less than 3 mg/24 hr. This is followed by the

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lent or of diphtheritic inflammation. Anatomically, therefore, the disease is

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of the tongue. These cases, therefore, cannot be regarded as tyi)ical

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New York State and the acid-iron wastes in. Pennsylvania.

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The face of medicine has changed a great deal in the past

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erations of finance, policy, and protection are neglected for the

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107. SiiiRLY. — On C'oryza. Detroit Rev. of Med., April, 1^75.

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producing complete effect with a concentration as little as