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usual. Convolutions remarkably distinct and of good consistence ; the
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08 Ankylosis of the Temporo-Maxillary Artlenlatlons with Osteo-
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The sanitarian recognizes two principal forms of pol-
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dice in which severe and even fatal hemorrhage had followed.
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not too old, it can be determined that they are due to
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condition. His special points are that ectopic pregnancy is
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"ilandular stimulant. Dilute nitro-muriatic acid in five-minim
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man's philosophical creed. Some men have a strong, others a weak faith.
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manifest, to magnify the former and correspondingly
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producing, through divers changes, a great result. It appears evident that
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pirations. The serum from the horse which had received the
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elected: Dr. John J. Light, Schaefferstown, president; Drs.
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ucts not known as having any mutual relations or as compre-
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Dr. Marable's case of Absorption of Bone ; of Dr. Mease's observations on
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tion. On the contrary it was full of gentleness and tenderness. A sufferer
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textural lymphatic deposition (secondary posterior- capsular cataract), or
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for that offence, he had been proved insane, and, for want of a more suitable
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Australia. — E. C. Hobson, M. D., Naturalist to the Colony of Van Die-
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infested with vermin to such a degree, that he could hardly sleep if the
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erally accepted as true also of general paralysis. Indeed,
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Case 154. — Operator, Lloyd, 1898. Case 14. L. region ; duration,
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much at different times, both in character and intensity, sometimes resem-
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mated that in the United Kingdom there were at least a
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Turkish ranks at the head. For those who aim at the
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for half to one hoUr. The parts are then douched and mas-
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activity is accompanied by breaking down and discharge, or
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a former number of this journal, and we hope soon to meet with him again,
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time to handling Chinese money, as there was then an epidemic
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though usually a sequel of the acute and amebic forms. The
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Kedictd AsBociation of the District of Columbia.— The
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induced to pay some attention to it, and to watch its effects more narrowly
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of the Uterus." He reviewed the history of the operation, and
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make every effort to avoid ; I mean the error of forming an opinion too soon,
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be said to be identical, may be found in association with
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which only exert a slight influence upon the course of the disease
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the bill now before the legislature becomes a law; one at Grand
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the action of which is indirect by relieving its load. Alter-
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has been made necessary, however, on account of the necessity
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rienced author on the subject of auscultation, that are not characterised by
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ing and when new facets are formed on tarsal bones. Piro-
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hospital. The nomination of this committee and other pre-
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