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the author has defined the various technical terms used in electro-
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and particularly if the radial count is a great deal lower than the
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Contribution by Dr. C. W. McClure, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
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Place 0.5 ml of saline in tubes two through ten of each
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Indirect repair is something entirely different from recovery. First of
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transferred to the bottle. Fill a 1-liter flask to the
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mind, two would fully meet the demands. The best teachers in
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well until the rash appears or is accidentally discovered. In other cases,
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in nulliparous women ; but it would hardly incline so far back-
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tetanus and diphtheria. An effective antitoxin (see above) is used
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scopically, the most important constituents of pus are the pus corpuscles,
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on Tuberculosis, and Dr. Gottschalck an equally instructive article
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attained the required minimum of eighty per cent of correct
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ings, which causes it to manufacture its toxine, and possibly at the same
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Part second is devoted to the subjects of the " Dose, and the
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In the first chapter is given a history of the operation from the
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tissue damage and destruction due to the invasion of
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are, however, in striking contrast to the brilliant success of the specific thyroid
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possible. Lesser quotes Virchow as saying "some patients die
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The local treatment of the os is likewise a matter that deserves,
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(4) Examine the anaerobic tubes. If growth is noted, pre-
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Sept. 8. Failing ; throat very dry. Gave an emulsion of elm
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The variability of the course makes it desirable that we discuss some
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a. Solutions That Follow Beer's Law. If solutions of the
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which is shielded from drafts, until the water is driven
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extremely vigorous: 1 boy 3 per cent, overweight, normal in
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As to the drug or medicine advised, prescribed, or administered,
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" ambulatory form " of typhoid includes those cases where the patient goes
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This obstacle to intensive radiation can be met in two ways.
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point of agar is about 99° C, and its solidifying point
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80,000, although experimental equipment is being designed to
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nificantly greater than that of water the reagent blank
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bottles; air is partially removed by suction applied
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lar in the last year, and has but just recovered from her last
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decomposition with visceral congestion. The blood is fluid and dark. There
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many unclassified vibrios, that may be isolated from feces or
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250 to 300 mg of pure sodium oxalate to 0.1 mg, and dissolve it in
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cent carbon dioxide, as indicated. (See par. 272/ and /.)
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(b) Positive. Reaction I consists of follicular ripening
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