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wound was completely cicatrized, the child was suddenly attacked

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are pale, almost skin-coloured, but as they increase in size they become

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BE IT RESOLVED that our Chairman appoint a committee of

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des HTipitaux cle Paris, Membrc de la Sucit'tii MCdicalc d'Observation, &c., &r.— Pari«

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bed, went into another room, became chilled in a moment, and died the same night !

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bacillus which is found in the blood and all the discharges, including

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steady progress in the very low cases we are frequently called

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look as white as the best patent flour. It was recently discovered that

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regularity — and sudden changes that the classification could be only

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§ii, dose, 3ii ; every one-half hour. Then use 1> f. ex. yellow

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has a lesion of the right lobe of the cerebellum or a lesion of the basal

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In proof of this he cites the history of previous epi-

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tions, even the urine, as well as by the epithelial scales. One

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after days, is almost the only remembrance of the good old professor

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T. pallidum on a medium of horse serum, brought to a gelatinous

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One of the speakers at the annual meeting of the Min-

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nervous and impressionable type — should receive the smaller dose. In

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specific gravity, 1010 to 1034; reaction, acid; albumin, + to + + , at times

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mind — to recall, or to trace out, what has been previously done

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made him one of its most useful, and popular members.

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four cavities of the heart, and distended the right auricle in particular.

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spread to neighbouring beds. And it very seldom did spread, when there

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pressure on the internal surface of the arteries are the proximate causes

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sanitary formations on the line of communications. Three copies

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together were brought back by the administration of quinine.

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cacy and methods of others. There is also a rage in

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lated parts. Refuse matter is conveyed away by means of open

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then attributed to it, in more modern times it has rarely been

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our city have united in affording; them every facility to become practi-

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mucosa, typhoid, and even typhus identical with that of man.