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of the patient and directed him in regard to his habits of
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Average Mortality of the corresponding weeks of the ten years, 1851-1861,
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But though we cannot examine by our senses the faculties of
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respects their position was enviable — being one in
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medical journals has come so great a wave of tolerance, of
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Cohn, 1828 — . Kocb, 1843—. Lister, 1827— .—Advatwes in Physical Diag-
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Saw, amputating: A saw used for sawing the bone in amputa-
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bronchi been invaded by the abscess discharge. The clinical
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The two female children are shown together, but they are not
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now was to perform total extirpation in one of three
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doubtedly purely syphilitic. Specimens of the lung-tissue
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that Mr. B. of No. — Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, passed away
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surgery " that it had been his lot to deal with, was one of
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eased. At tho same time the general health of tho patient
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For anaesthetic purposes in operative cases, Pfolspeundt
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similar to those noted elsewhere. In a general neuritis these
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1899, xxxiii, 1307.— Preiiss (J.) Die Ethik des Arztes
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IN 1842 Rokitansky separated from the group of inflammations of the
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of the anterior surface of the metacarpus during palmar flexion
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Lord Elcho said this Government had two faults— the
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that the mountain treatment is inapplicable, the prob.
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two attacks, or two successive effusions, the one characterized by chronic,
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men appear the more remarkable, and afforded considerable facility