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treatment in thirty-four cases, in which the time is specified, having been
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thesis further. The operations are performed in patients
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by fever. Thus amongst the whites Typhoid fever caused, 1848, 3 deaths; amongst
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Pediatric . . Urology, Cardiology. Nephrology, Hand Sur-
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method of treatment; tincture iodine applied in out
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takes a decidedly back position in point of frequency. We should
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accumulation of adult parasites in the cerebral vessels and the result-
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intense than ordinary, the grouping and location involved, a sudden
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this remedy has removed the extreme nervous tension, it is well to
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in the pelvis, or even diffuse peritonitis, with rapid course and fatal
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the most useful drug we have at our command. In the acute
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about five days, and in bad cases symptoms of a relapse may be ex-
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this plexus branches are distributed to the muscles of the skin, of the neck, of the face,
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difficulty in getting it out. Sunday, she had two se-
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dermic use of the drug may be found advisable in the same dose,
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lue to intestinal, and therefore presumably to food, infection. Of
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B. F. Clark, official surgeon of the Cincinnati Fire Depart-
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people: males have been aff(M-1ed more frequently tluui
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to be answered with the same degree of fulness and accuracy that attends
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cannot possibly doany harm. A 2% solution of Ag N0 3 may
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there have not in the past been those cordial relations
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gratuitous attendance, in my opinion, is neither useful to the
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patients are users. The current implant users were sent
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times wrapped ; the possibility of overlooking it altogether, or of
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orders of those functions for the perfection of which the
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But we must say something more about the direct action of conditions
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gain more favor, is an immunologic role in causation of
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board. The following is a summary of the board’s pro-
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affirming, not the mere curability of hypertrophy, but its very
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present time he is able to walk with assistance. (Patient walks.)
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by practitioners for the sake of experiment pel-formed
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scaled off" by the scraping of my finger-nail. I had then
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