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and Scotland. It appears also to have broken out independently in Scot-

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paries, from which atmospheric pressure is entirely excluded, and, be-

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allowed to rest in a loop of muslin, which was fastened to a wire cradle

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viously. I will not discuss the total removal of the

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not surprising. In a further return. Professor Sorensen records

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of Rolando, Serres, Cayrade, and Goltz on the lower animals, as well as

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might possibly have a favorable influence on the intestinal catarrh ;

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plex fat lecithin, and, perhaps also, organic phosphorus compound of

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Peyer's patches seldom above the lower half of the ileum. The disease

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this should be done. Paris has been playfullj' termed the

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items which have no value except for their basic materiel content

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acute or chronic. Bilateral paralysis is especially common in haemor-

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out the permanent organic change in the mucous mem-

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at the most critical point in the application of the plate and by

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•.•n< viirci'-s^ivflv in"<" ■ ■!. tl: * -

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the ureter, if the ureteral wall is in such a condition

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practical lesson that the generally accepted level of nitrogenous

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dominion. Social relations being changed, and pagan mythology

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the imputation in the eyes of a certain section of the popu-

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wasting of the tongue. Pseudobulbar palsy has also been noted.


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she exclaimed that she had not vomited all day. The

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of the tongue. These cases, therefore, cannot be regarded as tyi)ical

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ney may be perfectly maintained. It is to the urine that

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f shreds and clumps of degenerated tissue. In the posterior lower wall of the pylorus

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publication in the Southern Med. and Surg. Journal.

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eases which the human fumiiy is heii' to, and which has

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lassitude, malaise, unreasonable crying or laughter, constriction of the thorax

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will generally be found very beneficial, though much neg-

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by an improved method. This method is described as being the

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there were certain forms of diet which were particularly proved

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was increased from two 'to four times the normal amount.

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soldier. Recent convalescents are particularly apt to spread the infection.

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at the end of July, 1914, were the kinematographers

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