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as local bleeding:" and in the same page he further says, " When the injury
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severe pain in the abdomen (ileus), and had been in the infirmary on two
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years (1887-90) the annual death-rate from smallpox in Algeria was no less
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diphtheria, but that this is about the percentage of cases of genuine
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pBOONOSrs. — In a large proportion of cases, the different forms of chronic
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infect the rectum. Not a few cases of fistula in ano and
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knife, he agreed to continue, for an indefinite time, such
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•[70]— 1911.— Lelean, p. S. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, London, xvii,
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tion claims raised by the National Right to Life Commit-
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occasion of the heart's dilatation. Thc impediment may be-
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These figures need qualification before they can bo properly
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The question of the relation of kala-azar to ankylos-
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ly^ almost always affects either both the upper and lower ex-
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cessful vaccination would obviate, in a great measure, the
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sions and the rigid chest-wall cannot fall in to meet
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the microscope, no swelling nor fragmentation of the leukocytes were seen.
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sores alone, although it was observed that the pus contained smaU
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litic complaints, in gonorrheal discharges, in epilepsy, asthma,
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with other countries ; and well might the late Professor Sewell
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Street, and finally at 906 Lafayette Street). His personal quali-
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The presence of a tender mass upon the right side with fixation of the uterus
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The fibrous layer of the pericardium resembles in structure
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