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be overcome by shaking 5 to 10 c.c. of the filtrate with double the quantity of

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rare in large cities, even though prevalent in the surrounding rural districts.

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imperceptible pulse and a feeling of deadly sickness. The patient was con-

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character both of fibrous and or cystic matter :—

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March 19th. — Has had varicose veins in leg for years. Pres-

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14. Tic Douloureux cured hy Excision of a Mass of Phosphate of Lime, adhering

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peated by man}' observers such as Marsh, Hutchison, Elliot-

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Sponsored By MASA, Local County Medical Societies, and the aMA.

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measures were performed in hospitals under the most

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to normal unabraded tissue. If necessary, ocular inspection, yet every

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lesions developed during the first year after infection is probably, I

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hypnotic drugs and modes of administration can ease the

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it to any extent of dilatation you may wish, and you can

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This method gave excellent results, since it enabled the wounded men to have the

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shivering fit. This occurred in the evening. By the

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SiLALL-pox has been rapidly spreading in Crewe. One death

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choked, they are vomited or coughed out, difficult to replace, reflex salivation

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Heller's test, which consists in adding nitric acid care-