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nor could any important injury to ribs or sternum be detected.
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is anxious to return home, and a fourth paracentesis is not deemed advisable. The
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of a slight eruptive complaint, for which she had taken) by my direction,
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who regard leucoplacia and kraurosis, however, as distinct diseases,
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or aponeuroses, and approaches in this respect the spinal or cerebral pia mater. The
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nostril comes out to the left of the tumor. The hard palate, consequently,
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resulted in increased propranolol levels in all subjects and
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At the same time one must admit that it is very likely that the muscular
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made the most determined progress under all sorts of remedies;
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which, in a reasonable time, was passed around the polypus by Dr.
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vessel during the contraction of the ventricle, but prevent any
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pressure on the internal surface of the arteries are the proximate causes
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relationship Sustained by the county medical societies. Under
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has di\ided pseudobacilli into (1) B. pseudodiphtheriie alkalifaciens,
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Manual of Diseases of the Ear, A. By George P. Field,
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finding greater and greater difficulty in getting out the toxic stuff, and at
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There are two cases of .simultaneous double aneurysm of
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very much worse, owing, no doubt, to the pressure of the
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evident limitations of terminal disinfection have cast doubt in the