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to light. The visual field in the left, tested roughly, was good. The

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The mental attacks are usually preceded by pain in the head

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Some of the results of this undertaking will be considered in this paper.

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Chloroform was the anaesthetic. After the operation the patient vomited

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who traces them from the lenticular nucleus. All the tracts, except those

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greatly facilitated by first scraping a groove with

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Riesman know he was not dealing with pleurisy with a small effusion, or

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tinued treatment while in the hospital, where food and care

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competitive examination determines every man's advancement. In Ger-

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no everyday bearing upon the profession, it neverthe-

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one of the journals, the Atnericnn Medical Bl- Weflcly,

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sym6triques des doigts et des orteils. Presse m6d., Par.,

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meeting of this society, at Fall River, Dr. Milton H. Leonard.

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graphic record, for which there is no apparatus yet available.

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the end of the fit, the arm was felt (by taking gentle hold of'

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5. acuminata Castellani and S. obtusa Castellani, in the open sores of yaws.

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that the salicylates neither prevent nor benefit cardiac complications

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somewhat in detail." A man of forty-five suffered in

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of the glands of the mucous membrane, the secretion is not

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disinfected in those houses where the inmates had suffered from

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classes, depending on defective drainage and poisoned water —

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death, to be aneurismal tumors. One of the aneurisms is before you.

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that the better grade of epileptic, if he is going to receive benefit from

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