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Dehydration of Food as a Means of Conservation. —
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our strong foods, such as roast beef and mutton. The a.ver-
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great advantage. In good weather a gentle promenade after the treat-
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ear to ear. The linen compress bandage is now wrung out of water at
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malignant origin, delay is fatal. Glandular involvement
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reversal of a long-established belief, but a consensus of modern physi-
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making toast, what happens ? The toasting destroys all yeast
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a few days, and it may also appear on the pharyngeal wall. During
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and atelectasis exists or is threatened by reason of lobular infiltration
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the overthrow of erroneous notions concerning the similarity of typhoid
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day. The spleen was enlarged about one-fourth ; the boy was anaemic and de-
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clammy limbs. By these simple measures the patient may be rescued
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affusions in fevers, gout, and rheumatism. Thus the empirics caused
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centres, and how reaction ensues, producing a widening of the cutaneous
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were ill after their arrival in San Francisco with acute
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one hundred and thirty-eight pounds. She was constantly engaged in the wards,
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the lower animals to all such germs, as Jenner did in his small
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group of leukomaines as a factor in the causation of gout.
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more fatal in the intemperate than in the temperate, and so on.
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each sitting, about twice a week. Usually two or three sittings suffice.
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satisfied that the intelligence of the community will force even reluc-
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Tubes for peptonizing or pancreatizing milk may be pur-
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or pleura, passing thence into the circulation, must also be granted.
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Every physician realizes the difference of effect arising from different
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storage-battery room might be, I consulted my friend, Pro-
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missing experience has to be sought elsewhere, because there is
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infancy and childhood will always tax to the utmost the skill of the
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in one of my own cases thrombosis of the coronary artery killed the
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In protracted cases, however, the fourth week of the disease may present
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* Deutsches Afchiv fur klinische Medicin, 1874, No. 13.
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the sugar molecule into a fat molecule. Glycosuria resulting
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discovered, this view is the only one that ofi"ers a satisfactory explana-
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tache of the place, showed me much as to the intricacies of
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and restore to its molluscan and crustacean long-swinging, tireless
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aim of treatment was the enhancement of tissue change, a calming effect with
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long as it is broad, with rounded ends (Fig. 1). It is motile, due to the
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three days, or even longer, and is longer in the milder forms of the dis-
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between 102° and 122°, and between 59° and 32°. The blood was
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