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becility, and Insanity. By Wm. W. Ireland, M.D.Edin. Second Edition.
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massage of the internal genitals every five days, followed
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ber of this organization plus my personal energy, interest, thoroughness,
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nary culture media, soil, water, manure, liquid manure, and for-
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close, and ill contrived, and by the several stories
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state of the pupils may be a criterion of great value, for in the epileptic
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by small sample size, and short-treatment periods. Two
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Tubeiibernien ( Fyiisalpiiix in eiuem Sehenkelbruchsack).
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immortalise their Names ; by Writers I mean Authors
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tion with operations that tended to cure the descent of the pelvic
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the urinary passages. Tlrine which contains blood or pus must always
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as in Dr. Curtis' cases* Jf the. cancer, could, by a fortunate chance, be
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One of the greatest discoveries made by Pare in the do-
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Dr. Andrew Wood : I wish, mth the permission of the
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about £960 a year. Appointments £105. Ponulation 1700. No
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quickly overgrow and expell the original invader, ren-
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tissue is frequently sero-gelatinously infiltrated to an enormous
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are the facility with which the skull may be split and transplanted, and the
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once a week or less, a broad elastic bandage over all gives both
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through fear, or because of indisposition, confined to the house, taking