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sustained by an apron of stout " twilling " with tails of
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blood-vessels, etc., can be seen and touched with the nitrate of silver
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hours. On the eighth day he was worse, and was ordered
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pharynx, and examine the condition of a large portion
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Adelaide Lambert, Boston Univ. Med. College, 1884, New Haven.
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much less frequent in cholelithiasis than in aneurism of the hepatic
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great difference between them in chemical composition, and almost all the
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biUary circulation which causes constipation also causes piles
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The Philadelphia Uedlcal Journal, 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
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seen to be very recent — the majority being in the cellular stage without
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course, or even by the route of greatest intercourse between places.
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ceptible, still carries infection in a mild form ; and this is
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whether fortunate or unfortunate, comfortable or hard, as well as
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help had been sought, owing to poverty and unwillingness to send for the
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isolate himself from human intercourse, to prevent every contact
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a layer composed of connective tissue fibers, epithelial cells, elastic fibers,
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child. Under 12 months the mortality is extreme. The prognosis will
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also probably bring to light one, if not more, fissures
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were done on account of tuberculous kidneys. One of
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ophthalmologists are more than welcome to join in the party.
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that are used to support the legs during lithotomy posi-
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6. Bronchial, peribronchial, and parabronchial processes,
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out the entire course of treatment, if possible. This high dosage is attained by
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ured as in Starling's experiments by the oncometer, but instead of withdraw-
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can tell. There is no field of medicine in which X-ray is so
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dependent upon the presence of diacetic acid in the urine,
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be the class of men who would very soon come to constitute the examiners
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Italian apparatus. He emphasizes that to get trustworthy
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with Dr. Mackenzie, did at one time show an injected specimen
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of the reflex arcs is abolished for ever. A lesion of the fibres
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be p)ersevered in for several months. The bowels should be regulated, and
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Treatment. The local form alone affords opportunity for effective