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producing or is capable of producing at least 20 cubic
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away the adhesion. By this means one can restore to
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nasal cannulae, 9 ’ 10 and nasopharyngeal tubes. 11
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that our most wealthy medical corporation is the most
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leftside; its point of greatest prominence was at the height of
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so as to hide the ears when the scalp is viewed from above ; the occipital
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devote some space to this condition in their text-books
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" Bathing in fea-water may be mentioned as a certain auxi-
recognition by auscultation considerably before the evidences of consolida-
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they were almost all agreed. Therefore, if Dr. Parkea thought
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Mechanical dysmenorrhoea, which is dependent upon physical
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bent posture until resolution is established. — Bridges, Med. Bee.
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is lauded by some practitioners ; it is applied along the spine, or,
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case. It is a beautiful theory to assume that the circular
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seen in febrile diseases, the epithelium of the tubules shows the appear-
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I herewith enumerate a few of the leading aminer failed to do his duty. In my
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hydrocele and drew off" six ounces, and injected two
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icity of their symptoms that there is some organic disease pres-
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of the corpuscular coloring matter. Hoffmann maintains,
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many cases the result of the lesion which rendered the operation
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During the red phase the pain becomes progressively more intense, and
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4. — Burghart describes some interesting results obtained
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The patient had been in fairly good health until one
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is the loss of appetite, increased weakness, and emaciation, that
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PASTED on the wall of each treatment room are rules to be followed
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0»(M eOTt< 0»-<1< i-l(N rt© Wi-l ■^•<*i
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subject, by the learned practitioner we have named, are borrowed
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growth tends to settle to the bottom. In gelatin stab-cultures the
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quantities very frequently. Give i -ounce doses of laudanum
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a further source of danger, namely, contamination from the
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Tongraline & Quinine Tablets — Ponca Compound Tablets
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viously given birth to four dead children, his method
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o])ening by undercutting with appropriate forceps so that it measures
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pachymeningitis surrounding it. A second gumma | inch in diameter was found
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eration of muscular tissue. Such diseases as progressive
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and from the oozing of blood. In proportion to the amount of throat
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sation in the vessel. Heavy pressure with the hand arrests pulsation entirely.