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graduated at Glasgow University in 1889, and received the
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— 13 per cent. The patient, being an employee of the hospital,
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in a foreign port. Often such rumour is followed by an official denial, and
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Embolism and haemorrhage are generally accompanied by
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is completely enucleated, and may be lifted out of the cavity. Evacu-
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education, the College desires to draw the attention of
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perfect valve, during systole, but must have so removed tension, or the
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sary to incise the cervix before extracting the head. Doderlein had
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ii. In auscidtating the voice it is important to recollect the fact that
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this plexus branches are distributed to the muscles of the skin, of the neck, of the face,
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underlie the transmission, the spread and decline of
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caudad surfaces will be shown ; cephalad surfaces when the
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matism of the hip and to chronic rheumatic arthritis. Under
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nearly as many have had more or less training at the Oshkosh
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is papular, but about the third day, the tops become vesicular
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That able and indefatigable public Medical Officer, Dr. Liddle,
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allel between them, by a just comparison of their relative
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The apparatus must be in perfect working order and always
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Pathology of Migraine. M. Siiile. — A careful study of
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The State Medical Society of Wisconsin met in its thirty-
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twenty drops every four hours, and as much rich broth,
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lolt in the epigastrium, and lor an inch or so below the ribs;
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One-sixtieth of strychnia was given. As he was quite
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Etiology. — Local grayness may be coDgenital, or result
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turning, as though satisfied, gazed at the flickering log
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blood from the point then removed by the cloth, some
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until June 1, when she began to have considerable troublesome
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situated in the residence district, thri e-quarters of a mile from
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iVith respect to the time of giving the anti-periodic remedy, my expe-