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way of splints and bandages. Most cases may be cared for at

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deferences: 1. Allen, A. C.: The Skin, A CUnicopathological Treatise, ed. 2, New York,

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first into dextrine, and then into sugar. (Sec Flint's Physi-

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Temperatures are ordinarily taken in the mouth, the bulb being

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The most frequent cause of rupture of the middle meningeal artery is direct

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should exist no constant pressure on the perineum, but that the

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sufferers lose mental balance through this defective nutri-

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pain caused was slight. On the following day the patient expressed

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School; Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology in the George Washington

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or isolation of the appendix from inflammatory new formation or

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Treatise on tiie Diseases of Women and their Treatment by Elec-

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is alleged that the handle of the malleus is liable to be

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diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease (such as: lowers

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retention of urine be absolute, puncture of the bladder may be ncoes-

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The picric acid test may also be made available for the quantitative

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ing medical school say they want to practice primary care