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Does not the fall clearly prove temporary loss of conscious-
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tion within the spinal canal, external to the dura mater, some-
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course as the cord along the inguinal canal, through the ex-
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extent, of the cell body. Practically the same alterations were found
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Cocoa, who in his address announced that he had been made
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cases, one from phlegmasia dolens complicating ursemia, from both of
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■CoUBV.-On March 29, at S. Brent, Devon, the wife of Thomas Coury,
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Relations of Results of Bacteriologic Examination to Influenza and
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shape in the neighborhood of the right nipple, when the liver itself
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nutrition, produce cachexia, and invariably lead to
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the blood flows in them more slowly, or begins to oscillate ; nay,
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A Normal red cell ; b, c, d. e, red cells containing aiureouhe or myzopods ;
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b. In hospitals. The following is, in my opinion, the best
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sions either directly or indirectly; Such as hydremia — the excitable condition of the
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glands were the seat of tubercular adenitis. The liver con-
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flammatory symptoms, and the pain, redness, and swelling of the ure-
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and vomiting soon after eating, which was followed by relief.
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with the thumbs or by a smart blow, afterwards applying a conical pad with a
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pharyngeal and par vagum, and no doubt involved their deep fibres. The second
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this city on the first Wednesday in June instead of the
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I with abundant sputa (when, in the last, this does not
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On^the other hand, scarcely any known fever kills so
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time and literary work was both for them and for the
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These signs, however, may be absent. The patient feels much
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usual redness in the intermediate spaces, the non-intumescence of
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It was supposed. Dr. Koch said, that a sort of ripen-
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• The figin-es in this column are the unrevised numbci-s enumerated in
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in the larynx, trachea, and bronchial tubes; and they appear in the
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and the above three symptoms are the most characteristic.