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can take as anything like definite or accurate data

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1876.] On the Anatomy and Physiology of Joints. 341

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may do much in breaking up the paroxysm of fever; a

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7. For Sheep on the first attack of Small-Pox. Epsom salt

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severe attacks, which were clearly referable to the gall-bladder,

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useful addition to our clinical evidence of pericar-

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culosis, others retain the name, using it merely to desig-

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shaped reservoirs, the vesicular seminales. These contain the seminal

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than a dozen years, I should saj', there has been no epidemic

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severe attacks, which were clearly referable to the gall-bladder,

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lication. Display and classified advertising rates will be furnis^


We also have to remember that in dentistry it is necessary

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erection of the penis. The local results were in fact very

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can be completely covered by a towel. It is only right that reference should

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tive ; 3, reparative and inflammatory. The scleroses in-

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peri-uterine diseases was a catarrhal condition, and he

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Oxide Gas on living animals. The results were similar. By numerous expmments, 1

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tration will often enable you to deal with the pains. Many drugs have been recom-

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Dr. C. E. Webster had visited Bellevue Hospital last year,

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scientific kind. All which is in addition to the fact, now com-

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•outbreaks, observed that "it ia useless to expect either to

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of various of these ferments without success. At autopsy there are

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deep-seated sinus communicated with the abductor pollicis. There existed also

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Treatment : — If a large dose has been taken, a stomach-pump

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imperfect sleep. The urine and other secretions are diminished. Tlie scan-

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Martin's, in Berlin, and when I saw him first scrape

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thrown oft". A case is related by Larrey of preternatural sensibility

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applied to the vertebral column ; the thorax is contracted, and reduced

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As its name indicates it begins and exists for some time, as

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of the nerve, and bringing its central end in contact with

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Gerson, Johannes. Conclusiones de diversis materiis ruoralibus.***

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considerations is apparent here, as also in the succeeding chap-

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I trephined low down in the temporal region and re-

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Young, D. £.: Drug interferences with clinical laboratory tests.

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to introduce other treatment. Its effect is apt to be temporary, how-

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of vaccines in first stage cases and in any set of cases as a routine

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1 See Marine, Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, September, 1907, p. 359.

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that the disease is situated in the kidney."— See